Technical Working Group Meeting (23-24 June 2022)

During the 2-day in-person meeting, the project's Technical Working Group (TWG) reviewed the working document developed (based on outcomes of previous TWG discussions) by the project’s regulatory expert, Mr. Luis Suguiyama. This document is to be developed further into the first draft of the harmonised biopesticide regulatory guidelines for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. In addition to this, the TWG discussed challenges and a potential way-forward on domestication of the regional guidelines. In concluding the workshop, it was agreed that TWG members would review allocated sections of the working document that align to their strengths and experience, and that these comments and suggestions would then be considered by Mr. Suguiyama while revising the document into a first draft of the biopesticide guidelines. It was identified that the Southern African Pesticide Regulators Forum (SAPReF) – an institution of SADC - assume the lead on processes to follow for presentation of the draft regional guidelines to the SADC member states.