ICGEB Regional Regulatory Workshop

The ICGEB are planning an in-person workshop on "Regulatory Issues of Relevance to Registration of Biologicals in Africa: From Principles to Practice", scheduled to take place in Cape Town, South Africa from 26 February – 01 March 2024. The conference is expected to host over 150 delegates and exhibitors. While harmonised guidelines have been developed over the years, their practical implementation at the national level remains a significant task. The primary objective of the conference will be to address the crucial challenge of harmonising guidelines and integrating them into national regulatory frameworks across African countries. The conference will, therefore, serve as a platform for collective learning and provide guidance on adapting harmonised regional guidelines for national applications. A notable side event for the conference will be workshops offering practical exercises focused on simulating the process of drafting regulations based on regional guidelines. Participants will have the opportunity to formulate actionable plans for implementing these guidelines within their national contexts. This hands-on approach will serve to bridge theoretical understanding with strategic implementation, contributing to a richer and more profound learning experience. Moreover, an opportunity to link technical training with functional training will further enrich the experience for the participants. Note: Further information will be shared when possible.